Kent State University

The Department of Computer Science offers degrees at the Bachelors, Masters and Ph.D. levels. The faculty believes in a strong advising approach and, as advisors, help students choose the appropriate program according to their goals, needs, and interests. Students who are interested in a Computer Science degree with a rich set of elective options taught by experts should consider Kent State University.

Ohio State Unieversity

Ohio State's Department of Computer Science and Engineering has excelled in both research and education since 1968. Ranked among the top 15 computer science departments at a U. S. public institution by U.S. News and World Report, the department provides an outstanding educational experience. The department offers multiple undergraduate degree programs, empowering students to pursue the education that meets their career goals. The computer science degree combines a rigorous computing program with exposure to many different areas of engineering and general education. Typically, students study the design and analysis of algorithms and data structures, principles of programming languages, systems software design, computer architecture, database and file designs, artificial intelligence, computer graphics and software engineering.