University of Oklahoma

Graduate instruction and research in computer science began in 1969 at the University of Oklahoma with the creation of a unit called Information and Computing Sciences. This unit was under the direct supervision of the Provost until 1972, when it became part of the College of Engineering. An undergraduate program in computer science was added in 1976, and computer science became an integral part of the School of Electrical Engineering, which was later renamed as the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. The first MS,degree in computer science was awarded in 1972, the first PhD, in 1973, and the first undergraduate degree in 1979-80.

University of Central Oklahoma

Department has nine regular faculty members whose interests include software engineering, computer network and security, database systems, mobile computing, e-commerce systems, artificial intelligence, robotics, operating systems, computer architecture, and programming language translators. Department facilities include classrooms that are fully equipped with multimedia projectors, smartboards and computers to make live demonstrations of computer science fundamentals. Students and faculty members have a personal computer laboratory, three Linux servers, and one Mac server for their use to complete course assignments and perform research.