York College

Our Computer Science major is designed to blend the theoretical with the practical using many of today's common programming languages including C/C++, Java, Python, Scheme and several others. In many of the courses, you will get to implement the concepts presented through lab activities integrated into a single class period at one of the best computer science colleges. At York College, one of the best computer science colleges, we emphasize the design of complex software using agile software engineering practices through incremental analysis, design, implementation and testing. Students will also be introduced to a wide range of data structures and algorithms used in the computing industry.

Allegheny College

he computer science major and minor programs are designed to provide a solid basis in the principles of the discipline combined with practical experience in software systems design, implementation and analysis. The department currently offers two major programs and a number of minors. Each begins with a breadth-first introduction to computing, including programming and data structures, accompanied by topics from various programming languages, operating systems, and analysis of algorithms.