Rhode Island College

Rhode Island College is located on a 180-acre campus in the Mount Pleasant section of Providence. This location combines easy access to the benefits and resources of the metropolitan area with a suburban atmosphere. Rhode Island College has undergone expansion in recent decades at the undergraduate and graduate levels. The college now serves approximately 9,000 students in courses and programs on and off campus. RIC, founded in 1854, is our state's first public institution of higher education. The college operates under the aegis of the Council on Postsecondary Education, one of two councils that comprise the Rhode Island Board of Education. The Board of Education is an innovative integration of policymaking and planning for elementary, secondary and higher public education in our state.

University of Rhode Island

In a time when the role of Data Science is gaining prominence, the Department of Computer Science and Statistics at University of Rhode Island is favorably positioned to take advantage of the synergies between these two disciplines. Faculty members are actively involved in cutting-edge research areas including biostatistics and bioinformatics, Bayesian methods, digital forensics, machine learning and data-mining, network analysis, interactive 3D graphics, econometrics, and spatiotemporal modeling. Several of these areas provide opportunities for collaboration with scientists from other fields, making the department a well integrated center of multidisciplinary research. Students at the undergraduate and graduate level have the opportunity to choose from a variety of programs. Our faculty members bring their expertise in research and teaching to help students develop problem solving and learning skills, necessary in a fast evolving discipline, while getting prepared to find employment in diverse industrial and academic settings.